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Learn how staying vigilant can protect you and your data.

The root causes of data breaches are phishing, malware, software vulnerabilities, third-party compromise and abuse, unencrypted data, and inadvertent employee mistakes.

what we recommend

We’ve reviewed enterprise products with leading security experts to provide you with top provider recommendations.

Protect against phishing.
Protect from malware.
Protect against software vulnerabilities.

We recommend Aegis open-source vulnerability management Blackduck (Synopsys), Coverity (Synopsys), DeepFactor, Kenna Security, Opsera, Rapid7, Nexpose, and Tinfoil (Synopsys).

Protect from third party breaches.

We recommend RSA Archer and SecurityScorecard.

Protect against unencrypted data.

We recommend enabling BitLocker and FileVault on all endpoints. Additionally, MobileIron MDM requires all employees to have PIN codes set on their phones.

Protect from inadvertent employee mistakes.

Taking a systemic, comprehensive, and whole-of-enterprise view of security breaches is not only good practice, it should become the standard by which security programs are evaluated. Capturing pragmatic, practitioner-driven insights makes this book valuable to members of the board, business executives, as well as technology leaders such as CISOs, CIOs, and CTOs.

Matt Stamper, co-author of the CISO Desk Reference Guide (Volumes 1 & 2), former research director for Gartner (covering incident response), and CISO & Executive Advisor at EVOTEK.

Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone

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