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Learn how staying vigilant can protect you and your data.

Secure your online world from criminals.

As the world spends more time online than ever before, it’s critical to integrate best practices into your life. Here are a few small steps for greater protection.

✔ Enable two-factor authentication for every online account that offers it.

✔ Use a password manager.

✔ Regularly update and patch all your devices.

✔ Use cloud backup. Test file restores so you know the service is configured properly. 

what we recommend

We’ve reviewed the consumer security marketplace and culled the best products. Adding these defenses to your home setup will level up your security online.

Protect your identity from phishing and account takeover.

Prevent phishing and account takeover by enabling multi-factor authentication for every online account that offers it, and consider using a security key.

Protect your identity with a password manager & complex passwords.

We recommend 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass.

Protect your identity with credit and identity protection.

Guard against third-party risk. Identity and credit protection helps defend and notify you when third-parties get breached. We recommend LifeLock, Identity Guard and BreachClarity.

Protect your home network by securing your router.
Protect your gateway to the internet from unauthorized access and attacks with Google Wifi, Eero and Plume. Make sure to change the default passwords and enable WPA2.
Protect your devices with anti-malware.

Prevent and detect malware, such as ransomware. We recommend NortonLifeLock, McAfee and Bitdefender.

Protect your devices with device encryption.
Prevent data theft by enabling FileVault on Mac, and BitLocker on Windows. Set a PIN to enable encryption on iOS and Android (provided by carrier).
Protect your devices with back-up.
Protect against ransomware by backing up your data. We recommend Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and MS One Drive.
Protect your devices with regular updates and patching.

Protect against software vulnerabilities and malware with regular updates and patching.

Moudy and Neil knock it out of the park with this all-too-relevant work. Having spent 27 years in the FBI, seated in the front row for many of the incidents described here, I found myself riveted to not only Moudy and Neil’s spot-on storytelling, but their after-the-fact remediation guidance. The timing of this book’s release is eerie, given the climate of cyber activity in 2021!

John Caruthers, former FBI SSA

Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone

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